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Workplace Diversity and Inclusion
CRN: 26671
Location: Southridge Center
Course/Section: BSAD519 200
Date: 04/18/2019 - 04/18/2019
Instructor: Not-Applicable *
Time: 08:00AM - 12:00PM
Days: Thursday
Contact Hrs: 4 hours
Course Description:
Many organizations have worked for years to build an inclusive workplace and help their leaders and employees understand the value of a diverse workforce. The ability to manage and motivate a diverse workforce are imperative to achieving business goals and beating the competition. Although many organizations have made inclusivity a core value, there are still some challenges. One of the primary challenges in leveraging workplace diversity is our own unconscious bias. Research suggests that we instinctively place people into categories based on their appearance, educational level, social status, job title, and so on. Right or wrong, this helps us order our world and saves us time and effort as we process information about people. However, these stereotypes and unconscious biases lead us to make assumptions about others. These unconscious biases can affect who is hired, promoted, and developed in the workplace, which can ultimately derail your organization's culture and diversity efforts.
Available Seats: 5     Fees: $175.00
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